What is TSheets?

TSheets is one of a growing number of time tracking apps in the market. It is a cloud based time tracking app for businesses needing to track, manage and report time.

Some of the benefits of TSheets is that it can be run via a web browser or on mobile phones and integrates with various payroll and accounting platforms, such as Xero.

How Does it Work?

TSHEETSTSheets gets rid of the need for paper time cards by allowing employees to automatically keep track of their time in six different ways. Employees can track their time:

  • Using mobile apps for Android and iPhone,
  • Using Twitter to tweet their time if they work internationally,
  • By dialing in their times,
  • By texting through their times,
  • By using a smartphone with a web app,
  • By entering their times on their desktop or laptop.

TSheets integrates with Xero, QuickBooks and other bookkeeping platforms. This means that time entered into TSheets can be fed through to payroll for approval and processing.

Cool Features

TSHEETSTSheets has developed a ‘crew’ app for iPhone and Android which allows crew managers to clock in multiple employees at the same time, as well as assign them a specific task. This allows for accurate and efficient cost and project reporting.

This crew functionality allows employee managers to identify how long it takes to complete certain projects, as well as how much it will cost them in the future when quoting for new projects.

Using the Who’s Working window, employers can easily see who’s on the clock, what they’re working on, and even where they are (with GPS tracking enabled). It makes managing multiple job sites or locations much easier. Employees can also instantly see any scheduling or roster changes.

TSheets can also be set up to send overtime alerts to employers.

Our Favourite Features

  • TSHEETSA clean interface free of needless clutter
  • Easy to use virtual timesheet entry
  • Free training and setup via live chat and phone
  • Access to an online knowledgebase
  • Automatic tracking and updating of both time-off requests and accrual tracking
  • Choice between automated and manual timesheet entry
  • Free email and phone support (customer support rate of 4.9 out of 5)
  • The many options make it simple for employees to access
  • Realtime insight for business owners
  • The app can track time online and offline
  • GPS-enabled apps for iPhone and Android


Pricing starts at $5 per user/month, with scheduling an additional $2 per user/month. Support is provided via knowledge base, phone and email. All accounts include Track Time, Manage Time, Report Time, Integrations and Security.