2021 Tax Planning

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The 2021 financial year has undoubtedly been the most challenging year for us all, from both a business and personal perspective.

A degree of business uncertainty remains which will require business owners to remain agile, strategic and focused on their numbers, operations and direction.

Whilst government economic stimulus measures undoubtedly helped and were a welcome relief, what may not be so welcoming is the tax implications of these initiatives.

Therefore strategic planning before 30 June 2021 is imperative.

Here at Mukiwa we have developed 4 different year-end planning packages, designed to ensure we cover all client types and needs.

The Estimator

… for those that simply want an estimate of their taxable income, deductions and expected tax position.

No tax shock – guaranteed!

Includes a 0.5 – 1.5 hours meeting*.

The Strategist

… for those that want an estimate of their tax position AND a strategy session to discuss and agree on actionable, tax effective tasks that can be implemented prior to year-end.

Includes a 1.5 – 3 hour meeting*.

The Planner

… everything covered by The Strategist, plus a further dedicated session where we sit down and put in place a month-by-month Budget & Cashflow report, giving you insights & confidence as to what you can expected over the FY2022 year.

This can be especially useful when imported into your accounting software for tracking against actuals.

Includes two sessions, totaling between 2.5 – 4 hours*.

The Entrepreneur

… everything covered by The Planner, plus a dedicated session where we discuss your business at length, focusing on strengths, weakness, pain points, growth plans, expense analysis etc .

You’ll take away a list of actionable items to adopt & implement in your business, along with a Power of One analysis that will show you the $ impact these actions could have on your business.

You will also receive your own Financial Safety Checklist which you can apply to both your personal & business life.

Includes two sessions, totaling between 3.5 – 5 hours*.

* Meetings can be face-to-face, or online, depending on your preference. Total meeting times will be dependent on the package chosen and the complexity of your business structure.

To find out more, view our brochure below for the full details and pricing. Then simply choose the package that best suits you and proceed here to provide us your intent to engage and complete our questionnaire. Your answers will ensure you get the most out of the tax planning review and that all issues important to you are considered as part of our recommended strategies.

Mukiwa 2021 Tax Planning Package Pdf 212x300



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